Sebo Felix 1 Premium Upright Vacuum 9808AM


Sebo Felix 1 Premium Upright Vacuum 9808AM

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Felix 1 Premium, Rosso with ET-1 Power Head and Parquet Brush (Arctic White / Light Gray)

The Felix 1 has an incredibly effective power head that makes it the best lightweight pet vacuum cleaner on the market! It also has:

  • Four-level manual height adjustment, that effectively cleans carpets and hard-floor surfaces,
  • Manual brush roller shut off so delicate flooring can be cleaned with straight suction.
  • Rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces
  • Tool-free brush roller removal for replacement or bristle cleaning,
  • An orange warning light illuminates when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning, the bristles are worn, or automatic shut off occurs due to a brush roller obstruction.

To underscore its reliability, this vacuum comes with:

  • A seven-year motor, five-year parts and labor warranty
  • A “flex” neck with amazing 180° steering ability
  • Variable suction control on a three-level adjustable handle
  • An ultra-modern filtration system
  • A detachable suction unit that becomes a hand-held vacuum
  • An instant-use suction hose
  • A full bag or clog indicator
  • A low 6-inch horizontal cleaning profile that fits under beds and furniture
  • A long 31-foot cord
  • Two on-board attachments

The Felix 1 premium can also morph into a floor polisher by attaching SEBO’s DISCO head.

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