Sebo ET-2 9958am Black Power Nozzle


Sebo ET-2 9958am Black Power Nozzle


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The Sebo ET-2 Powerhead (9958AM) is a high quality powerhead that was made to efficiently clean large spaces of all kinds. The Sebo 9958AM power head cleans up to 6.25 Sq Ft on a single pass.

The 4-position height adjustment means the roller brush will be at just the right height for your cleaning needs. The warning light will let you know when the roller brush should be replaced due to bristle wear and even lets you know when the brush height is set correctly for optimal cleaning. You can manually switch the roller brush on or off to accommodate when cleaning delicate rugs or hard floors with straight suction cleaning.

The sebo power head also comes with Rubber wheels for optimal cleaning and safe use on hardwood floors. If you happen to have a jam in your roller brush, the electronic belt protection safely turns the power head motor off automatically. Whenever you might need to clean your roller brush, the brush can quickly and easily be removed. The 3 1/4 inch flat-to-the-floor profile gives you the power to clean under beds and other furniture without a hassle.

The Sebo ET-2 Powerhead (9958am) is great for cleaning around your home thanks to all of its features and its 15 inch width. If you ever have issues with your new power head, don’t worry because it comes with a 5 year warranty!

Warranty: 5 Years

Colors Available: Black, White and Red

Item Number# 9958AM

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Weight 1.0000 lbs


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