Sebo Essential G2 Upright Vacuum 9592AM


Sebo Essential G2 Upright Vacuum 9592AM

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Sebo Essential G2 (Light Gray / Dark Gray)

The Sebo Essential G2 model features an electronic controller that acts as a brain, alerting users to a worn brush or when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning. Also, the vacuum shuts off automatically when a full bag, a clog, or a brush roller obstruction occurs, which protects the motor, belts and carpets from damage.

  • Three on-board tools
  • Excellent Pet Vacuum . . . Highly Effective Pet Hair Removal
  • Hospital-grade Filtration for Allergy and Asthma Relief
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 40-foot Cord and Protective Rubber-coated Wheels
  • Five-year parts and labor warranty
  • A giant 1.4-gallon bag
  • A low 5.5-inch horizontal cleaning profile that fits under beds and furniture
  • Tool-free brush roller removal for replacement or bristle cleaning

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Weight 1.0000 lbs


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