HP Cyclonic Filter 8107-01

HP Cyclonic Filter 8107-01


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The 10″ CleanShield HEPA filter in your H-P filtered Cyclonic power unit makes the air in your home cleaner by capturing 99.97% of all particles .3 microns or smaller. This filter should be replaced once a year. Fits Vacuflo models FC300, FC310, FC520, FC530, FC540, FC550, FC550-C, FC610, FC620, FC650, FC650-C, FC670, and FC1550; Dirt Devil models 299e, 499e, 599e, 599e-C, 799e, 799e-C, 1099e, 390, 590, 690, 690-C, 890, 990, 990-C, CV2200, CV2250, CV2600, CV2650, CV1800, and CV1850; Royal models CS400, CS620, CS620-C, CS820, and CS820-C; Royal models CS400, CS620, CS620-C, CS820, CS820-C; Vroom models FC25, FC35C, FC55, FC65, and FC65C; and Titan models TCS 5525, and TCS 8575.
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